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What is Kinetisense? 

Kinetisense is the most advanced 3D motion capture assessment tool available today. It allows us to immediately evaluate your balance, posture, range of motion and functional movement in real time.  We can assess 48 different ranges of motion to improve therapy and training methods without the use of wearable systems or hand-held tools. The motion capture only takes five minutes using 12 movement patterns. 

What does Kinetisense do?

Kinetisense creates an individualized report, including scores for mobility, stability and areas of weakness. These findings lead to better theraputic and training outcomes, because it enables us to put together targeted, precise plans for improvement for each person. From movement competency, to rehabilitation and strength conditioning, our system provides specific, objective insight into an athlete’s/patient's movement patterns.

How can Kinetisense help me?

Kinetisense can help you move more efficiently, prevent injury and improve range of motion, by providing a personalized take-home report and exercises to improve your areas of weakness. 

How do I get a Kinetisense assessment?

New patients please call 214-484-3379 to schedule an appointment. 

Existing patients can call or go online to make appointments by clicking HERE.

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